$200 welcome bonus from NovaFxTrading

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$200 welcome bonus from NovaFxTrading Empty $200 welcome bonus from NovaFxTrading

Post  Shaliko on Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:53 pm

$200 welcome bonus from NovaFxTrading

• The condition of the promotion is to complete at least 20 lots within a period of 30 days.

• If the customer has completed the 20 lots and received a profit, he needs to deposit its own funds into the account equal to the amount he wants to claim (for example, if the profit is $1000 and the customer wants to claim only $500 from it, he needs to deposit $500 into the account)

• The customer then needs to trade the amount of lots equal his deposit divided by 10 (for example, if the deposit was $500, needs to trade 50 lots). There is no time limit on completion of this requirement.

• Once this trading requirement is completed, the customer can withdraw all funds from the account without any restrictions.


About Nova FX Trading: Nova FX Trading offers innovative approach to trading. From opening of the account until withdrawal of funds, most of the transactions are automated. Trading conditions are one of the best offered on the market today with many flexible trading options and promotional offers to choose from. If you are looking to give your trading a new edge, look no further – try Nova FX Trading.


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